Looking for unique hand drawn wedding stationery? Meet Pinar from Curious Me Design

I met Pinar from Curious Me Design last year at A Most Curious Wedding Fair in East London. We both have a passion for unique, alternative weddings.

I love Pinar's hand drawn work and I thought I'd share with you. Enjoy!

This is me…
Hi, I’m Pinar, founder of CuriousMe Design - a creative studio based in England creating one-of-a-kind stationery and styling for couples all over the world.
unique-personalised-alternative-wedding-stationery-by-pinar-from-curious-me-designunique-personalised-alternative-wedding-stationery-by-pinar-from-curious-me-designUnique hand drawn wedding stationery designer, Pinar from Curious Me interviewed by London Alternative Wedding Photographer barbara k. photography.
My background…
I live in the big smoke of London and have roots firmly in Turkish Cypriot culture. I was one of those kids that carried a sketchbook and camera everywhere, and still do today.
My background is in design and engineering. It is the making, the mechanics and the printing processes that I love, and adding in unique detail through illustrations and painted elements that really give each piece a burst of colour and something exciting to receive in the post.
Like most in the wedding industry I DIY’ed and styled my very own wedding. But it was my husband that really gave me the push to begin this adventure and create for other couples too! I now help brides and grooms envision their big day! And that’s an awesome feeling!
The service I provide…
I offer a few different services from creating unique custom wedding stationery, styling for your big day, to DIY sessions.
Words that describe my style…
My style is whimsical, yet modern. It’s a mix of hand drawn illustration and painted elements, combined with modern typography and pops of colour. I specially source materials and use different printing techniques such as letterpress, screen printing and digital that really make every piece unique and individual in themselves.
When it comes to creating, I design and style with the couples in mind, encompassing their personalities, style and their love for each other. They become super personal mementoes that you’ll look at years later and remember that amazing moment when their next adventure began.
What inspires me…
There is so much that inspires me! But lately I have been inspired by fashion, music, nature and those little walks I take around London.
Take a look at what I do… 
readymade-alternative-wedding-stationery-by-curious-me-designreadymade-alternative-wedding-stationery-by-curious-me-designUnique, alternative, personalised, hand-drawn wedding stationery by Curious Me Design.
unique-personalised-alternative-wedding-stationery-by-curious-me-designunique-personalised-alternative-wedding-stationery-by-curious-me-designUnique, alternative, personalised, hand-drawn wedding stationery by Curious Me Design.
unique-personalised-hand-drawn-alternative-wedding-stationery-by-curious-me-designunique-personalised-hand-drawn-alternative-wedding-stationery-by-curious-me-designUnique, alternative, personalised, hand-drawn wedding stationery by Curious Me Design.
My advice to couples getting married…
My advice to couples is: celebrate the way you want to celebrate, and do what you guys want to do.
There’s so many awesome wedding blogs out there to get inspiration from, but just remember, this is going to be your big day. If you prefer to ride off on a motorbike and have a lemon and lime pie for your wedding cake, go for it! It should be all about you guys and how you want to celebrate with your family and friends.
It’s going to be such an amazing day, so have fun! And remember to enjoy the adventure getting there! The rest will fall into place!
What makes me laugh…
My husband, my family and friends make me laugh a lot, and those small things that hardly anyone laughs at, they always get me!
It’s always great when you make other people laugh with you too! That’s one thing I have learnt in life, if you can laugh at yourself and make others laugh, then that’s pretty awesome!
You can find me here… 
I’m super excited as I have just launched a new website. Head over and check it out! And stay connected as I’ve got a few little surprises for you guys coming soon!







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